Guidance and ideas how to treat the new approach in our life... DO NOT WORRY, BE HAPPY

26.09.2012 15:52

With a big joy, hapiness and relief I am sharing the following link to a speech of Wayne Dyer called The Power of Intention.

Everything I provide in my seminars and webinars is said there in a very clear and understandable way…. We have a choice…and there is a way to the happiness….


Well actually, as Wayne says in one of his sentences…. THERE IS NO WAY TO HAPINESS, HAPINESS IS THE WAY…


You have an option to get the answer on any question by the guidance which he provides. Do you ask yourself what is my purpose? How to open my creativity? How to “find the way” to my kids, wife or how to earn more or how to be healthy…?


More on this link


The second part exists also it is right here


With wishes of good luck on your way with this new approach and with love,

Monika Sofie