Introduction Ideas

Life is beautiful and we often run through it without realizing the beauty around us. We are used to complain about the circumstances of our life and we do not see the great power we have, the power to influence and change our life by realizing our choice. Oh yeah, we do have a choice, it was a big surprise for me and a challenge at the same time.

Can I choose how I want to live my life? Do I know what I want? How will I know if it is the right choice? Am I ready to accept my choice and to enjoy my decision?

My personal experience took me to acceptation of the universal law sometimes called a law of attraction or a law of energy conservation or a law of action and reaction. Marcus Aurelius very nicely expressed this in the following sentence “Happiness in life depends on the kind of thoughts you have.”  If we tend to pay attention and our energy to positive approach, thoughts and ideas, the same comes back to us and vice versa. *

My life brought me to change my approach, I had nothing to lose at the time and guess what? It has worked for me and afterwards for many of my friends, colleagues and clients. The life is much joyful for all of us.

I believe that everything has its root cause and a reason. Energy and vibration we have is returning back to us within some time… I do not believe in coincidences …I see any “coincidence” as a connection or opportunity to learn something more and to realize something. So, it is not a coincidence to me, that you happened to be on this web page :-).

My advisory activities include consultation related to your personal development as well as HR help for companies. I work with my previous job experiences in HR Management as well as from training in psychology, kinesiology, One Brain, courses of Zdeňka Jordánová and other sessions oriented on work with energy and recognition of myself.

I help everybody to learn how to see the situation from a different perspective ant that it is up to us, if we choose the way of our life coming from inner freedom and happiness or if we decide to stay in non functioning and usually destructive models or programs we got used to in the past. I help to get rid of number of fears we are lead by in our behavior.

If you feel like it is time for a change and if you want to work on yourself, this is the right address for you.

Welcome again and come in into the room of Renaissance of Live.


*More about this is written in books from Rhonda Byrne - The Secret, Jose Silva Philip Miele - The Silva Mind Control Method, Heather a Jerry Hicks - Ask and it is Given, Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich or in books written by authors like Kay Pollak, Barbel Mohr, Pierre Franckh and many others.