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Affirmations for the constructive visualition

14.11.2012 09:55
With love and good luck on your way, Monika Enjoy :-)

Wayne Dryer and his speech about that what is going on recently :-))

23.10.2012 15:05   He is also the author of the movie The Shift.... this is the link to trailer

On FACEBOOK we share many interesting videos and info in English :-)

04.10.2012 15:49
This is the link:    

Guidance and ideas how to treat the new approach in our life... DO NOT WORRY, BE HAPPY

26.09.2012 15:52
With a big joy, hapiness and relief I am sharing the following link to a speech of Wayne Dyer called The Power of Intention. Everything I provide in my seminars and webinars is said there in a very clear and understandable way…. We have a choice…and there is a way to the...

Life is.....

07.08.2012 17:58
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