Welcome on this web page called www.RenaissanceOfLife.com.

"Renaissance of Live" represents the signpost as well as rebirth and return to nature.

Picture of the camp of Vochtánka we love 2012 



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With a big joy, hapiness and relief I am sharing the following link to a speech of Wayne Dyer called The Power of Intention.

Everything we provide in our seminars and webinars is said there in a very clear and understandable way….

We have a choice… and there is a way to the happiness….

Well actually, as Wayne says in one of his sentences….


We all have an option to get the answer on any question by the guidance which he provides. Do you ask yourself what is my purpose? How to open my creativity? How to “find the way” to my kids, wife or how to earn more or how to be healthy…?

More on this link www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2xx2Cvx41s


With wishes of good luck on your way with this new approach and with love, Monika Sofie


What do we, Pavel and Monika as representatives of the Renaissance of Life Mission, offer?

We provide seminars and lessons about our “renaissance of life”, how we see and live our lives. We share with the audience our experiences we gained from lectures, seminars, training, interesting meetings, books etc. We talk about our experiences about story of our life about the way how we from searching happiness around us found the source of the joy and hapiness inside us. How we have realised the mission of our life and have started to live accordingly.

Since that time we have been living our dreams :)) and we take full reponsibility for that.

We also provide  individual consultations each of us based on our expertise. We cooperate very closely in this process.

Pavel is a natural healer and expert on subject like work with energy, clearing room from destructive energies and zones. He also specializes on chakras  and the self treatment process of revitalization of chakras for example by practicing Chi kung or Tai ji, he provides support in the recent transformation process and many others. Link to Pavel´s web is so far in Czech only, but this is a subject to be potentially changed.

Monika specializes on similar subjects, especially on a positive approach to life, reset and re-set of destructive programs from our subconsciousness, distribution of books of Zdenka Jordanová, HR management consultations. More details in the left hand side menu under the link Monika´s English version.

Information about our seminars and actions we organize you can see in the left site of the menu as well, but in Czech only.

We both speak English, the lessons are so far in Czech, but if you were interested, we can provide such a lesson or discussion in English too. We can agree on that individually. In the English section we plan to share topics we can discuss and if you are interested in sharing information in a circle, the way we do regularly in Czech, contact us, we will find the way.

We feel it is TIME TO SHARE, it is time to move from the “I” to “US”, it is TIME TO COOPERATE 

as well as fell that 1+1 are 1 :)

and we do look forward to our potential meeting and cooperation.

With wishes of days full of  hapiness and joy,

Monika and Pavel


Our "Shift" in pictures :-))

Us in 2007

Us in 2010

Us in 2011


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