My Story


I graduated in economy. I have always been very interested in working with people, so no wonder that after couple years of work in business and finance department I naturally moved to department of Human Resources. This role allowed me to work closely with people and to develop my big hobby - psychology. This great time I spent in very successful international companies (ie. GE, Honeywell), which helped me to deal with my colleague as an advisor on business as well as on private level. I had a chance to be trained and to train colleagues and employees and cooperate with other management team members from all over the world.

Since 2000 I used to have number of health complications and I was dealing with numerous challenging misunderstandings at home as well as at work. Especially my older daughter “was giving me a hard time”. During this time I started to be interested in alternative ways of healing myself. At this time I also developed my interest in finding the ways how to help to heal others alternatively. I started to be interested in learning the ways to get to root cause of the problem and based on that to the trouble elimination.

I intensively trained myself and read number of books and I succeeded to cancel a planned surgery by healing alternatively a repeating health issue. I also succeeded to get rid of my glasses for long distance I used to have since I was 15 and currently I see very well. By a positive approach and intensive work primarily on myself and on my positive wiev on life I improved the relationships at home as well as at work. I thank to all for their participation and for lessons and help during this time.

On my new way I very much appreciate books and trainings of Zdeňka Jordánová, where I experienced number of “unblocking” and I learned to take the responsibility for my life. I have learned how to use the muscle test and I have started to help as to myself as to others to understand connections and reasons of imbalance in our life. I have also learned ways how to change the unsatisfactory situations.

I like a lot to have my own advisory business, to help others to understand and remove the root causes of their troubles as well as motivate them to take the responsibility to start the way of “living their own life”, their own creation, self-fulfillment and self-satisfaction. This all is provided by positive feelings of freedom, joy and love.

As soon as I decided to live my life and not lives of others I have started to feel much more intensively a common life situations. I enjoy any “little thing” in  nature, music, dance and I enjoy the beauty of the current moment. This is a very satisfactory perspective I share with my whole family as well as friends.

On my new way I have been influenced by books of Zdeňka Jordánová, Mirzakarim Norbekov, Miguel Ruiz, Louise L. Hay, Barbel Mohr, Rhonda Byrne, Kay Pollak, Pierre Franckh, Brandon Bays, Julia Cameron, Vladimír Megre, Marlo Morganová, Doreen Virtue and many other authors. I have also learned a lot from Katka a Viktor Motyčkovi, Alžběta Šorfová, Roy Littlesun, Alicia Hamm, Birke san, Luisa Muratori a Fredy and other friends and trainers.

I thank to all of you for that and I send you a “Cordial Greeting” (see the picture bellow :-)).