How do I work?

During the first consultation I teach the client the way I work in connection to the universal law. As I mentioned on the introduction page, I work based on my knowledge from psychology, Human Resources, One Brain, applied kinesiology and courses of Zdeňka Jordánová. I explain how it works with the way we influence the situation on the consciousness and subconscious. I enable to see the situation from a different perspective and we find the root cause of the trouble.

We will concentrate on the concrete trouble of the client. During the discussion I control the development of the discussion by the muscle test, which leads us to the cause of the problem (or it is a pain, fear, communication problem, family issue or any other). The next step is so called unblocking of the cause, where we address the emotions connected with the running program and we will reprogram that to the positive emotional experience.

In the end we ensure the client understands the new model/program of behavior since this is the point which allows the client to get rid of the trouble for the future.

I am happy to meet you face to face to address your trouble and to allow the sunshine to warm and lighten your life.