Individual Consultancy  

-          Private advisory discussion related to personal or family issues 
            as well as professional life or health complications
-          Advisory therapies for children
-          Work with pet owners to deal with the pet behavior issues


As it is said in the introduction, we have our life in our hands and we have a choice how to deal with that. I can help you to get oriented in your current situation and to find the way further. Together we can solve anything you decided to change in your live.
Allow me to mention  couple examples of what we can address together: conflict situations, fear, stress, exhaustion, overweight, other troubles with weight or nurture, allergies, headache, infertility, skin problems, or any other health complication.
Just start, realize the need for change and decide to go for it. Take the responsibility and start to see the new opportunities in our life.
Health, happiness, friends, partners, spiritual or material wealth, actually anything we have in our current life or we miss has its reason. This root cause is hidden inside us. In case we want to change anything, it helps to find this reason and “reprogram” that so that we will allow ourselves to change the situation for the future. As soon as this is done, the door to miracles is open and there is no hurdle anymore to overcome.
During the consultation I enable the client to find the root cause of the current situation, trouble, pain, fear or other situation which can be repeated in our life. If the client agrees we follow with the so called "unblockig" of the unsatisfactory program.
There are many ways how to find the root cause. I use discussion which is proved by the muscle test, which was used for example already by the old Mayans. From their experiences this method has been developed and used in kinesiology or One Brain and this helps me to work with the client as well as my previous experiences in psychology and Human Resources.
Many information related to the way I work you can find in books of Zdeňka Jordánová, where she describes in stories what options we usually have in our lives, but we somehow cannot see or we do not want to see… (more on
It is up to each of us if we take the responsibility and if we deal with the trouble in time or if we stay in the unsatisfactory situation, pain of fear.
I can help to move futher and make the first step to those who feel they got to a crossing and feel it is time to take the constructive direction.